Taurus, January 2014 you will watch yourself grow and expand. You will make new friends this month Taurus. Something that you will work on will greatly benefit others. This is a great month for taking risks because they will be successful.

Taurus, February 2014 a male figure pops up this month for you! This person is very educated and of high status. This man can give you a meaningful message or inspire you in a certain way. Take what he has to say and hold his words with great value in your mind.

Taurus, March 2014 you will officially start an joyful route to a new beginning. This month you will follow your heart and not think of the consequences. You are free,careless, open, and loving. Follow your heart, but be aware of the degree of intensity which you choose and how it will affect you. You will have a major change this month and a trip or change in location is seen in the cards.

Taurus, April 2014 this month you will be in the middle of two pathways. You must use your logic and street smarts to pick the right path. Trust yourself,believe that you have chosen the right path and you will be there. This month you will gain much insight and progress in your day to day life.

Taurus, May 2014 you will have great confidence, but you need to watch your ego. Don’t belittle others in any way, it won’t have a good ending for you if you do. This month you will be a leader and you will get an answer on something that you’ve been most wanting to know.


Taurus, June 2014 is your best month to come. This month has a victorious outcome on anything that you do. You might travel to a foreign country or start a new venue. Know that this month will be successful and very favorable to you.

Taurus, July 2014 you will be taking on a lot of responsibility. Make some time for yourself,work,friends, love, and family this month. Finding that important balance is key in order to avoid stress,depression,and pressure.

Taurus, August 2014 is another amazing month for you! This month you will fulfill your most wanted desires. You will feel empowered by your status in society and everyone will be cheering you on. You will have many successful outcomes and celebrations this month.

Taurus, September 2014 you will form a great partnership this month. This partner may be in your love life or in your workspace. This relationship will be strong,honest, and the closest to perfection. Have a month full of romance,creativity,new commitments, unity, and reunions!

Taurus, October 2014 this month you will be influenced by a women. If you are a female this female can refer to you, your mother, grandmother,or a close friend. This women is independent and very strong. Even though she puts up a happy and secure front, she has many tears behind her smile. She is one to stand up and get her word spoken. You should listen to this women and look up to her. Get to know someone this month Taurus, you will learn a lot.

Taurus, November 2014 indicates a new journey in the cards for you. Taurus, you have gone through a lot. Good things and some very bad things in your life. This month you will gather all of those emotions of failure together and learn from your mistakes. You will have a clear road ahead of you. Be open to learning new things and life’s clarity is yours/

Taurus, December 2014 the cards show a great travel venture for you. You will be going somewhere this month. Either you will receive a very special gift from somewhere far away or you will be moving yourself for a while.


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