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Seeing Read Messages of :Facebook

Seeing Read Messages of :Facebook

January 10,2014

By Derek C.

That moment when your friend doesn’t know that you can see “message read” on Facebook.


Facebook a cool social network to get in touch with your friends,see what they’re doing, and add more friends. Facebook always has changes. First it was the wall,then the timeline. Remember when the timeline was so new that people what a weird time saying ‘its on my timeline.” 

Well now its become practical. Another thing that has become practical is seeing who’s read your message. Facebook opened up something very sneaky to their users. Now you can see if the person who you just messaged opened your message.

facebook message read


The funny part about this even the its reciprocal, its that some people haven’t even noticed this feature. Before you may have noticed that you would send a message to someone and at times they would say that they never opened it, but now its hard to hide from that.

Unless you click that little invisible circle on the left side of the message subject that will allow you to make the post ‘unread.’ Then again you have to be careful the person isn’t on your message page because you can come across a bad situation where they can see you reading the message at a certain date and time, then it going un read in 2 seconds. That would be even worse because now they think that you are sneaky and don’t want to respond back to them.

Do you like this facebook feature or has it caused more problems for you? 

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